Melina Jurčić Digital marketing Web design Graphic design Social media Foto Video

Melina Jurčić Digital marketing Web design Graphic design Social media Foto Video


When life gives you lemons, make a lemonade and enjoy it.

That is pretty much how my story started. The pandemic had started, and I was in the second half of my second pregnancy. We were all quarantined, and I was already having interesting thoughts about what was going to become my job today… Just thoughts and dreams, nothing serious for me at the time, since I was preparing for the arrival of my second son.

Anyway, I had to stay on sick leave for years to come, and I was being less and less active, since any activity would cause pain. I spent almost all of my time at home, going crazy. Whenever I would feel better, I would go out for a breath of fresh air, only to come home miserable and in pain again. Any kind of physical activity would set me back. It was a period of my life when I would joke about myself saying I was living in a Big Brother situation, although Big Brother contestans do have a better time since they can fill their days with daily chores. So I had decided to to adapt to my new situation and make the most of it.

I have always been drawn to creative activities, where I would have to think and rethinik any idea I had. I like investing my energy and resources into creating a product that I am really satisfied with. I am simply not a quitter and I always have to follow through whatever I do.
As it was pandemic time, everything suddenly became online and available. “That’s perfect,” I thought! Even though I could not go anywhere from home, why wouldn’t I enroll in an online school and attend from home, get some homework, activate my brain a little, learn something new... And save myself from boredom and depression.
Therefore, I enrolled in an online school for Web designing. Well, it was something creative, just for me, and I wanted to make a website for my beach bar in Savudrija.

Then the HZZO (Croaan employment Bureau) vouchers somehow ¨popped up¨ and I was advised by the school to enroll in one of the free courses funded by the EU. Well, I thought, why not use it when I already have the possibility? They also suggested me a course on Internet Marketing and Branding (unfortunately, my first choice which was Web design, wasn’t available through voucher funding). I was so happy that something had finally started in my life (my baby was already a year and a half old and I was crazy from that daily routine), so I enrolled in both courses..

I was really good at studying from home and I literally fell in love with everyting I had learned. I immediately had a hundred ideas on what I could do, but I soon realized I was lacking knowledge in graphic design in order to develop my own ideas and create the needed visuals
So, yes, I applied for a graphic design course as well. You must thing I'm crazy, but I think the same thing about myself too sometimes. Why do I say that? Because later I also enrolled in a photography and video making content course. What can I say… That is just what I was missing to comlpete my skills.
t's like saying „That's just the pair of shoes I was missing, I really needed those!
So there it is, it is just who I am. I hate depending on someone, knowing I can do it myself, moreover, do it even better by myself. It just kind of went down that way and now here I am.

All the preknowledge I had gained working in tourism and PR was completed after I finished those new courses and everything fell into place. I have always worked in position of controlling and improving someone's performance. There have always been challenges and inovations. My job has trained me to what is and what isn't good and what has to be improved.

Ever since everything has fallen into place, I have been helping friends and family with branding and digitalization. Little by little through friends' recommendations I started my own adventure. I am really enjoying every bit of it, trying out, drawing, creating, making mistakes, fixing. I'm just playing around, while my pool of recommendations grows on, so I'm really enjoying the results of my work.
Obviously, with the best lemonade, in my beach bar in Savudrija. You can find Beach Bar Havana's web page here or in my portfolio.

So much has happened within my four walls in the last four years. But as hard as it was and as much struggle as I have been through, I remember only the good times and I don't think I have wasted those four years. I have my family, and a million moments lived up with them. In four years I have been able to fill four photo albums of family memories, all taken literally at home (oh, yes, by the way, I do that too:) ). And now, let's get to work!


In my many years of experience, I have always enjoyed working on creative tasks, coming up with something new, changing and improving something already existing. However, my creativity would always be stopped at some point, by the lack of additional knowledge to finally realize a particular idea of mine. It's frustrating when you lack knowledge, therefore depend on others, and have to wait for their materials and waste time.
This is precisely why I went for additional training in the field of Internet marketing and branding, web and graphic design. By developing my education, I was able to completely round up my knowledge. Now I enjoy the independent realization of all my ideas from beginning to end.
Marketing is all about testing and playing, so let's play together!


With all my acquired knowledge, I want to provide my clients with a comprehensive service when starting a new business or rebranding an existing one.
I know how difficult it is to gather and create all the necessary materials and visuals and combine them into a meaningful story. It must represent you and your business at its best, it must be modern, yet original. It must highlight your uniqueness among the competition and tell your story, as well as make it available throughout online channels.
A website is your mirror to the business world, it represents you, your work or product. Therefore, never think that you are too small, or that your business or idea is too small to be branded and stand out on the market. I will get to know you and your work so that we can highlight your advantage and emphasize your uniqueness in front of others, and I will approach the creation of all the necessary materials with the same interest.
I don't want us to have to depend on others and waste time on various appointments and materials on our way to the branding of your product, nor to spend any of your time and resources unnecessarily.
With me, we go from the beginning, i.e., from the original idea to its final version and realization.
Let's be creative, fast and efficient!
Contact me and let's create your story!


Surround yourself with POSITIVE people!
HELP others whenever you can.
Small things make a difference, LITTLE THINGS matter.
Enjoy every moment, be happy and satisfied NOW.
Don't whine, you can do anything you want, just GO!
Don't make it complicated, it will only make you lose the will to WORK and time.
You can't know everything but try to LEARN what you need!
Be proud of your KNOWLEDGE, no one can take it away from you.
If you really want something you will find a WAY, if you don't, you will find an excuse.
Let your expectations be REALISTIC and in line with your capabilities.
Don't regret what you didn't do, if you still WANT it, you can still achieve it.
If plan A doesn't work, go to plan B. If B doesn't work, then there's plan C. If it doesn't work, change the
PLAN, change the STORY, it means it shouldn't have happened in the first place.


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